10+ Best Bridal Juda Hairstyles

10+ Best Bridal Juda Hairstyles
Bridal Juda Hairstyles

Whenever the wedding season is around the corner, the level of excitement and joy in the environment levels up. We can feel the enthusiasm of all the brides and grooms to be, their families, and their friends.

However, weddings are not just about excitement and fun. They are also about the stress of deciding upon particular things. And we guess, picking out one thing from a choice of thousands of amazing options is the most difficult task.

The brides and grooms have to decide on the wedding jewelry, outfits for different wedding functions, wedding décor, their theme, guest list, menu list, venue, and so much more. After all, organizing an Indian wedding is not at all an easy task. It takes all your strength and all your time. Planning an Indian wedding is a month’s long process. However, all the brides and grooms would agree that this process is very exciting in itself!

The choices in front of the brides are almost double that of the grooms. Grooms don’t have to worry about jewelry or hairstyle or makeup! But being an Indian bride can be very difficult and confusing. Confusing because there are so many trends going on regarding everything from clothes, jewelry to hairstyles, that it becomes difficult to pick one.

So, we thought why not help out our lovely brides a little bit. If you are confused about your wedding hairstyle, you are just at the right place.

Here we have brought to you a list of some of the best Juda hairstyles for Indian brides. Judas has always been a bridal favorite. The tradition of keeping the bride’s dupatta on her head might be the reason why Judas is so popular as a bridal hairstyle. Moreover, Juda’s hairstyles look very elegant and classic. They are just the perfect way of tying up your hairs for a perfect wedding look that looks both chic and traditional. But then again, just like everything else related to your wedding, bridal judas also can be made in many different styles.  And it becomes a very tough job to finalize one when you don’t know about all of them. Searching on different platforms about different styles is just very time-consuming. Hence, this is a quick guide for you with most of the best bridal judas that you can opt for! So let’s get started!

1.   Florals any day every day!

There is no doubt that flowers are everyone’s favorite. They give the perfect celebration vibes. Especially when it is your wedding and you want to get the best and grandest look, florals are the best option.

Bridal buns embellished with bright and colorful flower accessories look mesmerizing. The trend of bridal flower Juda hairstyle is on fire these days. Most of the Bollywood actresses that got married recently were seen rocking in the fully covered flower Juda hairstyle.

You can match your flower accessories with the outfit of your special day. It can be either of the same color like red flowers with a red bridal lehenga or a pink flower with a pink bridal lehenga.

There is another very trendy and amazing option that you can choose from. It is that you pair your flowers in a color contrasting to your bridal outfit. For example, pair white or light peach flowers with pink lehenga or green flowers with your red lehenga. The choice is yours whether you want to match, contrast or do a combination of both!

Another way in which you can experiment with your flower bridal Juda hairstyle is by choosing a different type of flower. You can choose to get your Juda decorated with fresh and original flowers like roses, jasmine, etc. this looks very regal and breathtaking. Also, fresh flowers add a fresh breeze all around you.

Another option is using evergreen artificial flower accessories. These are lightweight, easy to carry and you don’t have to worry about their freshness even for hours.

2.   The evergreen gajra Juda!

Gajra or jasmines have always been used in bridal hairstyles. It is like a traditional way of getting the bride ready for her special day. The beautiful smell of jasmines spread a different kind of freshness in the environment.

Moreover, the advantage of gajra is that it matches every color outfit. Whether you are planning to wear a red lehenga or a pink one or a green one, gajras will compliment each of them perfectly.

You can opt to cover your entire bun with beautiful mogra or jasmine flowers or you can keep it simple and minimal by adding a few layers or a few flowers here and there. It will look splendid in both ways.

Another amazing way in which you can add a different spark to your gajra Juda hairstyle is by adding a few bright flowers like rose or orchids to it. You can also use some green bids here and there to enhance the entire look.

3.   Sleek and tight bun!

This bridal bun hairstyle is perfect for those who want to get a clean look on their wedding day. The sleek tight bun looks very classy. It ties up all your hairs neatly into a bun without any braids or puffs.

You can decorate the bun by adding a few accessories. If you want a simple and elegant night look then, add an accessory in pearl or maybe stones in the center part of the bun. If you are getting ready for a day function and want to make it a little brighter for the day, add flowers around the bun. You can also add beads or other accessories.

The sleek and tight bridal bun also looks great with maang tikka. However, if you have a broad or big face, we don’t advise you to go for this bun as it may make your face look even bigger than it actually is.

Just see how simple yet pretty this bride’s hairstyle looks. Such a look is perfect for a reception or Mehendi or any other wedding function.

4.   Make it a little fancier!

There is no doubt that flower embellished buns look extremely adorable on brides and are in trend. But if your dupatta is a see-through one and you want something fancier and more glamorous than pretty flowers, add some stunning embellishments.

These embellishments could be anything that shines out loud under your lehenga dupatta. You can use stone accessories or pearl accessories. Some brides even add jewels to their bun and they look stunning.

You can also use a piece of your jewelry as a bun embellishment in case you forgot to buy one. Tuck a beautiful and big earring on the bun or a bridal bracelet around the bun and no one is going to know that it isn’t a real hair accessory.

The shinier the embellishments would be, the prettier your bun will look. Match the shades with your attire. If your lehenga has some golden work, then opting for a golden hair accessory would look very well.

5.   Flaunt your hairs in perfect curls!

Gone are the days when straight hairs were everyone’s favorite. Now, it is the curls that are in trend.

Curls look so chic and stylish no matter how you wear them. Whether you style your hairs in open hairstyles with curly hairs, or tuck them half up or make a bun out of curly hairs, they all look equally beautiful and enhance your overall look completely.

Start with curling your hair properly. The size of the curls depends on what type of bun you want to make or what type of curls you like. Then tie these hair strands into a bun, again it depends on you and your style whether you opt for a messy bun or a comparatively cleaner look.

Make the bun more stylish and attractive by adding some accessories or flowers.

6. Add a twist here and a twist there!

Another very pretty way of enhancing your bridal Juda hairstyle is by making braids in the front. There are so many different styles of braids that you can try on your bridal Juda hairstyle.

A braid will not only make your hairstyle look better but, will also enhance your front look or face look.

Also, braided Juda hairstyles are a great option for those who aren’t comfortable with sleek or tight buns because of their face cuts.

Add a few beads, small flowers, or bibs in the segments of the braids if you want a fancier look.

You can play with the style of the braid according to what suits you. If you think side sections suit you, go ahead and start your bridal bun with a side partitioned braid.

On the other hand, if you are one of those whose favorite is the mid partition then start your bridal bun with a middle partition and braids on each side. This option is appropriate for those who are planning to add a matha Patti or a mang tikka to their bridal day look.

7.   Keep your style and bun high!

High buns have also always been on the favorites list of all brides. High buns are a little rare as compared to the low or mid-rise buns hence, they will look offbeat and unique.

These are an amazing option if you have a very beautiful accessory to wrap around your bun as in a high bun it would be clearly visible.

A high bun also helps in keeping your dupatta intact on your head perfectly. Add some beautiful embellishments like flowers, beads, accessories, etc. to make it prettier.

However, high buns might or might not suit you if you have a long face. So, make sure you take a trial before the actual day.

8.   Side buns

Side buns also look adorable when styled properly. They accentuate your front look making your pictures look perfect.

The side buns look very royal. Also, this hairstyle would work very well in your reception or engagement as well or with an evening gown.

Side buns showcase the entire design of your bun, unlike the back buns.

9.   The all-time favorite!

The all-time favorite and traditional bridal buns are donut buns. These have always been a part of the bridal hairstyles hit list.

The donuts can be used to make both a neat bun or a messy one. Donuts provide the perfect shade to the bun. Also, these are perfect to keep your hairs intact for long as donuts provide stability and support to the hairs.

Add some beautiful accessories matching with your outfit to complete the look.

10.   Something different!

Okay, so we talked about the best and the most traditional way of making buns that is by using a donut. But, isn’t it always exciting to try something new?

The rolled chignon buns are something new and unique that you can try as your bridal hairstyle. These look perfect and are offbeat.

These rolled chignon buns are just perfect for your special day. All you need to do is add some accessories that match your outfit and you are going to look glamorous for your wedding day!

11.  The rose affair!

We talked about how adding roses can make your bridal hairstyle look fabulous. But what is better than that?

Yes, making the whole bun look like a beautiful rose will be better than just simply adding a few roses. Design your hair strands in a way that the final bun looks like a rose. Add some nice accessories and you are all set to take everyone’s breath away!

You can style your hair in a single rose or make a bunch of small hair roses.

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